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Exercise Band Loops

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Available in 4 different loops sizes: 23.5cm, 27.5cm, 55cm & 100cm.


  • Helps strengthen and rehabilitate muscles
  • Provides resistance to increase muscular strength
  • Five colour coded strengths
  • Band ranges from light to X-Extra Firm

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23.5cm Yellow – Light, 23.5cm Red – Medium, 23.5cm Green – Firm, 23.5cm Blue – Extra Firm, 23.5cm Black – X-Extra Firm, 27.5cm Yellow – Light, 27.5cm Red – Medium, 27.5cm Green – Firm, 27.5cm Blue – Extra Firm, 27.5cm Black – X-Extra Firm, 55cm Yellow – Light, 55cm Red – Medium, 55cm Green – Firm, 55cm Blue – Extra Firm, 55cm Black – X-Extra Firm, 100cm Yellow – Light, 100cm Red – Medium, 100cm Green – Firm, 100cm Blue – Extra Firm, 100cm Black – X-Extra Firm