Your first step to recovery

ACC & Southern Cross Easy Claim

Provider ACC Southern Cross Easy Claim Gold Card Community Services Card
Initial Assessment & Treatment $20 (GST Inclusive) Depends on your cover $0 No Additional Charge $10 (GST Inclusive)
Follow-Up Treatment $20 (GST Inclusive) per visit Depends on your cover $0 No Additional Charge $10 (GST Inclusive)
Application for Extension of Treatment Standard request $20 vs Non-standard requests $50 Depends on your cover Standard request $10 vs Non-standard requests $25 Standard request $10 vs Non-standard requests $25

Private Physiotherapy Consultations

Type Price
Initial Assessment & Treatment $80 (GST Inclusive)
Follow-up Treatment $50 (GST Inclusive) per visit

Private Acupuncture Consultations

Type Price
Initial Assessment & Treatment $80 (GST Inclusive)
Follow-up Treatment $80 (GST Inclusive) per visit

Private Massage Therapy

Treatment 15 min 30 min
Standard $50 $80

Additional Information

We are a small, fee-for-service clinic, meaning that we collect payment at the time of service (cash or EFTPOS). After each session we can email an itemized bill to our patients so those who are interested in reimbursement can independently submit it to their insurance companies.

We provide a range of different treatments as indicated for individuals and the conditions they present with. This varies between massage, manual techniques and joint manipulations, exercise rehabilitation and a strong emphasis on education.

If you have an ACC claim it is important to make sure this is valid prior to attending your appointment. Treatment needs to commence within one year of a claim. If you think this may have expired, please discuss this with us or ACC 48 hours prior to your appointment or you may be charged private fees if your treatment is declined by ACC.

Healing rates vary between people and all our patients are working towards different goals, whether that be to return to high level sport, social sport, work or time with the family. We are more than happy to assist you with applying for further treatments through ACC if we have not been able to achieve your goals in the allocated time frame. This does take time as we document the sessions we have had, why we may not have achieved your goals and our plan for your upcoming treatment sessions.

Please do not hesitate to contact us directly about our fees

By Appointment

Physio Fusion sees patients by appointment only. We make every effort to provide prompt medical care to all of our patients. If you arrive in our clinic as a walk-in, please understand that you will have to wait until a free slot becomes available.

We will send you an email reminder before your appointment but it is your responsibility to remember your appointment regardless of whether or not we are able to reach you by phone or email.

Late Arrivals & No-Shows

Late Arrivals:
We make every effort to maintain appointment time commitments and we request that you extend the same courtesy to us. If you are running late, please call our clinic to reschedule. We understand that special circumstances can arise, which may cause you to run a few minutes behind. On occasion we are able to work-in late arrivals into the schedule, however, this is at the discretion of our front office staff. If you are more than 10 minutes late for an appointment, to help avoid delays in treatment and extensive waiting times, we may ask you to reschedule.

Missed Appointments (No-Shows)
The staff at Physio Fusion respect your time and we ask for the same courtesy. Missed appointments (no shows) affect our ability to provide timely attention to our patients. When a patient does not show up for their appointment, another patient loses an opportunity to be seen. If you are unable to make your appointment, we respectfully ask that you notify our clinic at least 24 hours in advance by email or phone. Failure to cancel an appointment 24 hours before your appointment or if you do not attend this will be considered a missed appointment or no show.

Protocol for No Shows:
If you fail to attend the appointment, you will be charged a $80 no-show fee. In addition, a course of action will be determined based on the clinic team's review of your case and individual situation. You are directly responsible for payment of the no-show fee on or before your next appointment. The no-show fee cannot be billed to your insurance company or ACC.