Your first step to recovery

Specialist interests: Human movement, lower limb and sports injuries, injury prevention 

Christos is a physiotherapist from England. Since graduating from the University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) in 2014 with a BSc honours in physiotherapy, he has undertaken a wide range of physiotherapy roles within the private and public sectors, including musculoskeletal outpatients, neurological rehabilitation, cardiorespiratory and women’s health. By utilizing in-depth knowledge and current best practice, he delivers optimal treatment, rehabilitation and education to encourage individuals to excel.

His main interest in practice is human movement in which he utilizes the method of Anatomy in Motion (AIM). This is based on the premise that gait (AKA walking) uses every joint in the body in all three dimensions. By analysing gait and its component motions one can address non-optimal movement at both global (full body) and focal (individual joints) levels. In-turn this will help you to move more optimally so that you can free yourself from pain, increase performance and promote long term health.

Christos’ personal competition experience, including three years of football-based education at two professional football clubs, and representing the England futsal development squad on the international stage, has provided him with a very good background knowledge of sports specific injury prevention, strengthening and return- to- play rehabilitation.